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Letter in the Ator Research Journal
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Category: Northern Ulukita Adventure Log II

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(omitted) Upon excavation, there are two opposing views: one, that awakening Ator may result in uncontrollable consequences, and two, long lost to the passage of time, Ator will never awaken. Ah, the opinions of scholars regarding Ator seemed never to reach a conclusion. However, this time, there is hope. For it's not mere fragments, but a wholly intact Ator. And with Atessahra, or the "flame-engulfed altar of the wilds" in the exalted land's tongue, as well. Why has a wholly intact Ator never been discovered until now? Even the Mediahns seemed unaware of it... But is that really the case?

Did the royal house of Barhan not know either?

- From the letter of Prince Barhan, sent to the Atessahra Expedition Team -
Can be obtained through [Interaction]
- Atessahra
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Furubayashi 25-08-2023 14:13
Near Atessahra node.


EvilShai 18-11-2023 07:29
The tents and the big table weren't there for me, but if u walk up close enough to that giant of a man npc, ull be able to interact with it... waisted so much time running around trying to find these tents >.>
tiagof600 20-11-2023 18:41
There are no tents on SA server, only the NPCs...

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