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Category: Node Manager (Kamasylvia Entrance)

– Description:
Kamasylve Priestess of Atanis Pond. Plays the mystic harp to commune with the spirits while Erfianso sings to bless all those on adventures.
Atanis Pond Node Manager
Obtained from:
- Maery
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Anonymous 1-10-2017 19:59

For Sparking Interest:
1) The Cook's Presence,
2) Witch at the Farm,
3) The Flute Boy,
4) Artemo the Literary Lion,
5) A Velian Epic,
6) Mysterious Sculpture,
7) Olvia: A Travel Sketch.

If asked to fail x1 time, then this is good:
1) The Flute Boy,
2) Artemo the Literary Lion,
3) A Velian Epic,
4) Mysterious Sculpture,
5) Olvia: A Travel Sketch,
6) The Cook's Presence,
7) Witch at the Farm


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