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Category: Lemoria Guard Soldiers

– Description:
A Shai running the shop at Lemoria Guard Post.
A seasoned businesswoman mainly catering to soldiers and merchants. She is good with her hands and personally makes some of the items she sells. She has a mature air despite her dainty appearance.
General Goods Vendors of Lemoria Guard Post
Obtained from:
- Dellenas
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Anonymous 27-09-2017 16:41

This amity game worked decent for me.

Tarif Wishing Amulet
Small Bell Tower of Mediah
Origin of Sorcery
Weikid Taha's Speciality

Anonymous 3-12-2017 14:01

Click it on this order:
- Tarif Decoration
- Origin of Sorcery
- Small Bell Tower of Mediah
- Kusha and Stone Rhinos


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