ID: 1076
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Category: Old Moon Guild Member (Guild Stable Keeper)

– Description:
Member of Old Moon Guild which makes profit by managing villas.

Her family has been in charge of the administration of Old Moon Guild. Serazad never gave up when the guild was going downhill, she stood by the guild with the Yan sisters, waiting for the guild to come back. She might not look like a good administrator material for being slightly clumsy and extroverted, but she has never given wrong numbers even once in her entire life.
Villa Butler
Obtained from:
- Villa Butler
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Anonymous 25-11-2016 01:38

Serazad is located in the Shakatu Villa. Rent the villa to gain access.

Anonymous 6-06-2017 02:42

If she does not give you the quest you have to adjust your Quest filter ... its above your quest window on the left the icon which says Quest:all


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