ID: 1075
icon Knowledge
Category: Old Moon Guild Member (Guild Stable Keeper)

– Description:
Member of Old Moon Guild which makes profit by managing villas.

He met the Yan sisters when he was living in despair after losing his daughter, then eventually joined the Old Moon Guild. He is in charge of supply, taking advantage of his experience when he was wandering around the world. Unlike his rough and somewhat scary appearance, he is actually very gentle and kind.
Villa Manager
Obtained from:
- Villa Manager
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Anonymous 15-09-2016 19:33

Where can you find this guy?

Anonymous 9-10-2016 21:37

You need to purchase a villa token from the Marzana Villa near Ancado Inner Harbor which is north of Valencia. Liam is inside the villa and you will be able to get the knowledge.

Anonymous 26-11-2016 03:48

Liam can also be found in the Shakatu Villa. Serazad is located there as well. :beer:

Anonymous 2-05-2017 21:40

back door entry


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