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Vaha and the Cacti I
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Category: Vahmalkea Expedition Journal II

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The plants resembled her so uncannily- thorny on the outside, but with a soft, tender inside... A passerby informed me they were "cacti." I thought of her as I said the unusual name of this plant aloud.

A wry smiled crossed my face, and I decided on a whim to bring that cacti to my little Vahmalkea. I can't wait to show her it.

"I found a plant just like you!", I will say...
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Basementcat 27-07-2021 19:57
After completing the 3 secret puzzles and handing in to the black spirit for the tome you can get Vaha and teh cacti I and II from the cactus on the way to the first memory puzzle (ancient weapon)

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