ID: 1021
icon Knowledge
Category: Old Moon Guild Member (Guild Stable Keeper)

– Description:
A member of the Old Moon Guild, which makes profit by managing all the guild stables in the region.

Originally from Kusha Village, he's very proud of his hometown and the chief. He's living near Altinova, managing the guild stable.
Altinova Guild Stable Keeper
Obtained from:
- Amanda
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Anonymous 20-07-2016 23:14

Cant get the Knowledge!

Anonymous 9-04-2017 03:32

There is no Guild stable keeper in Altinova :(

Anonymous 20-04-2017 14:05

Yes and no, she can be found just on the outskirts of Altinova. If you go out the west exit and keep left, you will find her not to far up the hill near the camels standing around.

Anonymous 24-10-2017 20:21

Easy man 8)


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