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Hadum: God of Despair III
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Category: O'dyllita Forest Adventure Journal

– Description:
The watchers of the earth realized Hadum's deception, yet countless went mad from the voice. The survivors rallied under the roots of their formerly abandoned mother, preparing for the final battle.

At that moment, beneath the deepest root, a faint light flickered. 'Twas the last branch.

The watchers of the earth built Adùir around the last branch. Then, over thousands of years, they reared the mother's last branch as their last hope.

Suffer not the God of Despair to cross worlds.

Yet a watcher branded with Hadum's name would sneak out of Adùir.

- Quoted from Goddess' Nightmare -
Can be obtained through [Interaction]
There is an old record in the archive of Crypt of Resting Thoughts.
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DrKSnow 8-10-2020 03:14

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