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Hadum: God of Despair II
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Category: O'dyllita Forest Adventure Journal

– Description:
A twisted desperation that was named hope had spread all over the world. On the day when the watchers of the earth finally raised the new Black Sun, the name of God was proclaimed in all over the Elvia from the Sacred Tree.

"Hadum Vuhura Kaheliak"

It was the God of Despair.

Its name rang throughout Elvia, and when the rising Black Sun swallowed the Sun of Light, the God of Depravity was erased as the Fallen God.

- Quoted from Goddess' Nightmare -
Can be obtained through [Interaction]
There is an old record in the archive of Crypt of Resting Thoughts.
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DrKSnow 8-10-2020 03:31

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