ID: 836
Freeze III
KR name: 빙결 III
icon Skill
Class: Wizard, Witch

Performs a strong chill attack on enemies at close range.
The enemies become frozen.

↓ + E
Can be added to a Ring Menu Slot
Can be added to a Ring Menu Slot with Sphera
Shift + LMB when mounted

- Required Level: 23 or Higher
- Required Points: 15
- Required MP: 40
- Cooldown: 7s

- Freeze II

Hit Damage 332% x 3
Accuracy Rate +14%
Maximum 3 targets
Freezing on good hits

Attack against monsters +20 for 8 sec. for self
PVP Attack +5 for 5 sec. for self
All Defense +15 for 10 sec. for self
Casting Speed +10% for 5 sec. for self
Movement Speed -4% for 7 sec. for target
Instantly Reduce 21 MP/WP/SP per 3 sec. for 9 sec. for target


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