ID: 4626
Time to Shine! III
KR name: 우리가 주인공! III
icon Skill
Class: Shai

Skills you cannot learn after learning this skill:
[Summer Rain III], [Sun, Moon, Stars III], [Shout to the Sky III]
Plays a tune with all your soul and might for your allies to realize their potentials. Black Spirit's Rage will recover faster.

LMB to stop playing the instrument
Quick Slot Available
Can be used with florang through Quick Slot

– Required Level: 60 or Higher
– Required Points: 20
– Required MP: 50
– Cooldown: 40s

- Time to Shine! II
- Talent: Melody of Light

Effect applied to max 10 allies
Black Spirit's Rage Recovery +0.45% for 20sec. to self and friends
Continuing to play will increase the area of effect.
Moving while playing the instrument is available.


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