ID: 3556
Black Spirit: Flame Buster I
KR name: 흑정령 : 화염철포 I
icon Skill
Class: Berserker

Black Spirit's Rage
Charge flame into a shell and shoot to attack the enemies. It can be used successively.
Charge more flame and longer to inflict greater damage.

Black Spirit's Rage -200%

- Required Level: 1 or Higher

Summon Hit Damage 1103% X 1
Explosion Hit Damage 1577% X 10
Critical Hit Rate +100%
Maximum 10 targets
Super Armor
Summon Knockdown on good hits
Stun on good explosion hits
Down Attack
Summon Air Smash on good hits
Summon Down Smash on good hits
Damage reduced in PVP.
Knock target off the mount on a good hit.

All Evasion +5% for 10 sec. for self
All Accuracy +4% for 12 sec. for self
Movement Speed +10% for 10 sec. for self
15% chance of Down Smash for target
15% chance of Air Smash for target
Instantly Recovers 20 HP per hit

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