ID: 3545
Black Spirit: Absolute: Fearsome Tyrant
KR name: 흑정령 : 진 : 공포의 군림자
icon Skill
Class: Berserker

Black Spirit's Rage
Instantly draws the attention of all enemies by releasing your inner beast.

Shift + Q
Can be used with Iron Buster
Quick Slot Available
Black Spirit's Rage -100%

- Required Level: 1 or Higher

Hit Damage 815% x 12
Hit Damage 1328% x 12
Accuracy Rate -1%
Maximum 10 targets
While transformed, HP Recovery +350 every 1 sec.
All DP +20 for 10 sec. upon using skill
Movement Speed -30% for 10 sec. on good hits
Super Armor
Stun on good hits
Pulls in the target on good hits (PvE Only)
Damage reduced in PVP.
Knock target off the mount on a good hit.

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