ID: 1813
Buster Training I
KR name: 장갑포 수련 I
icon Skill
Class: Berserker

A basic attack to bring enemy under your control using the iron buster.

Standing Attack: LMB
Forward Attack: ↑ + LMB
Lateral Attack: ← or → + LMB

- Required Level: 99 or Higher

- Awakening: Tantu's Iron Buster

Standing, Forward Attack Hit Damage 270% x 2, Max 2 Hits
Left, Right, Jump Attack Hit Damage 270% x 2
Critical Hit Rate +20% on good hits
Accuracy Rate +1.25%
Maximum 10 targets
Recovers +20 of WP per every good hit
Attack Speed +10% for 10 sec. on standing, forward moving hits
Floating on Jump Hits
Down Attack
Stamina of 150 consumed during Lateral Moving Attack.
Pushes the target on lateral attacks (PvE Only)


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