ID: 1167
Frenzied Destroyer II
KR name: 광분의 파괴자 II
icon Skill
Class: Berserker

Inflicts damage on surrounding enemies
by smashing the ground with axes.

↓ + LMB
LMB + RMB to perform Double Smash
While mounted: ↑ + LMB + RMB
or ↓ + LMB + RMB

- Required Level: 13 or Higher
- Required Points: 6
- Required MP: 11

- Frenzied Destroyer I

Hit Damage 277% x 1
Extra Hit Damage 311% X 2
5% of Max WP additional damage inflicted on good extra hits
Extra Hit Critical Hit Rate +25%
Maximum 4 targets
Attack Range Up
Melee AP +8 for 10 sec. on extra hits
Spins the target on good hits (PvE Only)
Pulls in the target on good hits (PvE Only)
Bound on extra hit (PvE Only)
Down Attack
WP -20 upon using additional skill
Pushes the target on good hits while mounted (PvE Only)
Damage reduced in PVP.

All Accuracy +5% for 12 sec. for self
All Defense +15 for 10 sec. for self
Attack against monsters +20 for 8 sec. for self
Critical Hit Rate +20% for 9 sec. for self
Inflicts 42 Bleeding Damage per 3 sec. for 15 sec. for target
Instantly Reduce 20 MP/WP/SP for target


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