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Five-Grain Chicken Porridge
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Skill level: Beginner 6

– Crafting Materials
- Ground Bird Meat
- Mineral Water
- Cereals

– Crafting Result
- Five-Grain Chicken Porridge
- Thick Five-Grain Chicken Porridge

NOTE: In the Black Desert the craft is heavily affected by your skill level. At higher skill levels you can use less materials and get more products.

For all recipes/designs you can use the general substitution rules:
- 1 ingredient of green grade can be replaced by 2-3 white grade ingredients and vice versa.
- 1 ingredient of blue grade can be replaced by 3-5 white grade ingredients and vice versa.
- 1 fresh fish can be replaced by 2 dried fishes and vice versa.

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kwakwa 19-08-2018 22:47

Works fine with barley.

Aurovere 14-10-2018 11:36

Also tested and working with potatoes and corn, in addition to the aforementioned barley. Perhaps this recipe should be changed to "Any grain" instead of just wheat?

Kiriak 14-10-2018 11:54

Thanks for the suggestion. Changed the wheat to the Cereals group.


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