ID: 129
Soft Bread
icon Recipe
Skill level: Beginner 6
EXP: 400

– Crafting Materials
- Dough
- Leavening Agent
- Egg
- Milk

– Crafting Result
- Soft Bread
- Moist Milk Bread

NOTE: In the Black Desert the craft is heavily affected by your skill level. At higher skill levels you can use less materials and get more products.

For all recipes/designs you can use the general substitution rules:
- 1 ingredient of green grade can be replaced by 2-3 white grade ingredients and vice versa.
- 1 ingredient of blue grade can be replaced by 3-5 white grade ingredients and vice versa.
- 1 fresh fish can be replaced by 2 dried fishes and vice versa.

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Anonymous 11-02-2017 18:48

грандмастер 1

3 тесто из батата
2 дрожжи
2 яйцо
3 молоко

с 2 молоком 60\40

Anonymous 30-03-2017 02:40

Google translated

3 dough of sweet potato
2 leavening agent
2 eggs
3 milk

Cooked at Professional 3 and guess it does not work well

Anonymous 9-04-2017 13:40

I have master 2, and it's not consistent. 2nd recipe with this failed. tried with 4 and 5, still failed.

Anonymous 3-07-2017 06:33

It is 6 dough of any kind.

Anonymous 4-06-2017 06:26

3 dough of sweet potato
2 leavening agent
2 eggs
3 milk

At Artisan 4

Anonymous 3-07-2017 06:35

At Master 2 cooking, you can replace 6 dough with 5 dough, and it works 100% of the time (as of july 2017).

Anonymous 21-07-2017 17:35

Just did 900 batches using 3 dough instead of 6 with not a single failure at Master 2.

Anonymous 21-10-2017 23:59

3 dough works 100%

mixerhood 11-08-2018 10:25

master 6 not work 100%

Anonymous 3-08-2017 23:00

3 dough, 2 leavning, 2 eggs, 3 milk
100% at Prof 5 (August 2017)

Anonymous 12-08-2017 00:13

Master 10 3 Dough confirmed 11 Aug 2017

Anonymous 23-08-2017 00:49

Yup, confirmed at Artisan 10. Save your dough people, 3 seems to be working for a lot of people.

Anonymous 16-09-2017 06:11

For beginners, use 6 Dough. It worked for me. I tried using 3 instead of 6 and failed two times.

As in September, 2017

@edit: Current recipe is 6 dough. Don't bother with old comments, as 3 dough was the quantity used in an older build of the game.

Anonymous 24-09-2017 04:05

I'm Master 4 Cooking and 3 dough fails every time for me.

Anonymous 25-09-2017 23:17

Yeah, I thought it was just a substitution thing, but the in-game recipe is actually 6 dough. Maybe it used to be only 3 some time ago.

Anonymous 30-09-2017 12:34

See my previous comment (, 3 potato dough works as of September 2017.

Don't believe the downvotes, people are clueless. Just try yourself and stop spreading false information.

Anonymous 24-09-2017 16:27

EDIT 02.10.2017:
I did some further testing and it seems to depend on the type of dough you're using.
With Wheat dough, just using 3 will fail almost every time.
With Potato or Corn dough however, 3 works 100% of the time.

This might be a bug. So in short, be smart and save resources by using 3 potato or corn dough.
Or test it yourself people; I'm just presenting my findings here. (Master 15 Rank)

Anonymous 24-09-2017 20:34

Maybe they changed it recently. Literally no reason so many people would lie about using 3 dough. I will try it again myself some time but 3 dough definitely worked at one point. Maybe check the date that people posted instead of crying that people are lying about something?

Anonymous 26-09-2017 13:06
Anonymous 24-09-2017 23:07

The Cooking tab lists 3 dough on the table but 6 when you hover over the recipe name and 6 when you click on this recipe page. The 3 might be confusing people. The above answers for 6 are correct... dough is cheap, use 6!

Kiriak 24-09-2017 23:47

Thanks for the report. The lists were showing old cached data. Refreshed it.

Anonymous 25-09-2017 00:46

Thank you!

Anonymous 25-09-2017 23:19

Thank you! I guess this discussion is finally over.

Anonymous 26-09-2017 13:02

For all you non-believers: I don't know what you are doing wrong, or what dough you use, but here are two videos proofing that it is possible to use only 3 dough (wheat and corn in these examples) for making it. I am Master 8 now but I have used 3 dough since I was Artisan 8ish. I did not try every type of dough, but as of yet I didn't fail with any type of dough I used.

Proof with Wheat Dough.
Proof with Corn Dough.

Anonymous 28-10-2017 19:46

1. Your first video is using Potato Dough, not Wheat Dough.
2.Idk how you got to Master 8 without knowing the differences between grain potencies.
3.Potato, Sweet Potato, and Corn are more potent than the other types of grain when turned into flour and dough. This is why you can use only 3 of them and succeed vs 3 Wheat/Barley Dough and fail.

Anonymous 30-10-2017 23:22

Your are right about the first part, my bad. And yeah it's really inconceivable how someone is able to reach Master 8 without knowing the differences...

Anonymous 28-09-2017 07:08

3 dough works 100% of the time even at low skill.

People downvoting are just dumb, 3 potato dough works perfectly fine, and yes this is probably a bug.

Anonymous 28-10-2017 19:52

Hello. Master 2 Chef here looking to clear up some confusion. Potato, Sweet Potato and Corn are more potent than Wheat and Barley when made into Flour and Dough. I'm not sure by how much but for THIS recipe it seems to be 2 times as potent. That is why you can use 3 POTATO/CORN/SWEET POTATO Dough over 6 WHEAT/BARLEY Dough.


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