ID: 8200/6
[Daily] What It's Like to be Subjugated
KR name: [일일] 지배받은 자들의 사연
icon Quest
Region: O'dyllita
Category: Recurring
Type: Family quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - [Daily] Colossal Stone Pagoda
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - [Daily] Glowing Statues
Next quest in the chain:
icon - [Daily] Defeat the Fallen Ahibs

Start NPC:
icon - Vencheloa
End NPC:
icon - Vencheloa

- Description:
Vencheloa says that Khalks and bears are manipulated by Fallen Ones. She wants to find out a way to weaken their power.

※ This is a daily quest that resets at midnight (server time) every day.

It's sad. They're being used for their lunacy.
How do they even use them as their weapon?
...They won't live much longer this way.
I'm not sure if we can weaken them, but it's worth investigating.
Here, take this bottle.
Fill it with their blood infused with their power.

It's so sad to see them go crazy like this.

Ugh, I can smell the blood from miles away.
I will report this to the commander.

Completion Target: Vencheloa
- Obtain Bloodthirsty Khalk's blood
- Obtain Khalk of Darkness' blood
Required actions:
Kill monsters (3):
icon - Bloodthirsty Khalk
Kill monsters (3):
icon - Khalk of Darkness

- Contribution EXP (300)
- EXP (100)
- Ancient Spirit Dust

Quest requirements
Level = 60

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