ID: 8110/2
Corrupting Ones
icon Quest
Region: O'dyllita
Category: Town
Type: Character quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Ones Seized in Evil Aura
Next quest in the chain:
icon - Ahib Turned into a Tree

Start NPC:
icon - Viorencia Odore
End NPC:
icon - Celphie

– Description:
Viorencia Odore explains that the strange phenomenon in Thornwood Forest was due to Kzarka's curse that became more intense. Worried about this phenomenon influencing fellow Ahibs, she asks to pass this on to Celphie who's in charge of the phenomenon.

It was expected...
But I didn't want it to happen...
Kzarka's curse that permeated this land
is getting stronger.
The ominous energy you saw in Thornwood Forest
must be some kind of visible form of Kzarka's curse.
If the curse has become this strong,
it will affect all living creatures existing on this land.
What worries me the most are
the sisters who were once corrupted.
They are sisters in all over O'draxxia
whose part of the body turned into trees.
The Corruption process has
currently stopped through medication,
but it may recur due to the curse again.
Celphie is conducting a research on the medication.
Could you let her know about this?

Hopefully, the situation calms down...
Celphie is in the upper business district of south gate of the city.

I'm overwhelmed right now as patients have increased so suddenly.
What is going on?
Are you here because you're sick, too?
Oh! Viorencia has sent you.

Completion Target: Celphie
- Tell Celphie about the situation
Required actions:
Meet NPC: icon - Celphie

- Contribution EXP (150)
- EXP (100)

Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - Ones Seized in Evil Aura

Required to open quests
icon - Ahib Turned into a Tree


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