ID: 7500/132
[Everfrost] Stable Keeper’s Kindness
icon Quest
Region: NEW_ZONE: 12
Category: Black Spirit
Type: Character quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - [Everfrost] Search for the Holy Flame
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - [Everfrost] To Charbonneau Charcoal Workshop
Next quest in the chain:
icon - [Everfrost] Illusion’s Border

icon - [Everfrost] Search for the Holy Flame
icon - [Everfrost] Nana Margot’s Dream
icon - [Everfrost] The Bustling Mercenary Office
icon - [Everfrost] To the Bitter End!
icon - [Everfrost] Mayhem
icon - [Everfrost] Balacs Altar
icon - [Everfrost] Valencia’s Purpose
icon - [Everfrost] Calpheon’s Purpose
icon - [Everfrost] Drieghan's Purpose
icon - [Everfrost] Someday
icon - [Everfrost] Restricted Area
icon - [Everfrost] The Answer to the Document
icon - [Everfrost] Finding the Hillsworn Name
icon - [Everfrost] The Missing Book
icon - [Everfrost] Mysterious Shadow
icon - [Everfrost] Spectating a Fight
icon - [Everfrost] Sorta Had a Plan
icon - [Everfrost] An Old Friend
icon - [Everfrost] Jordine’s Hideout
icon - [Everfrost] Avoid Detection
icon - [Everfrost] Companion's Crisis
icon - [Everfrost] The First Story
icon - [Everfrost] Together with a Companion
icon - [Everfrost] Farewell
icon - [Everfrost] To Awina's Tail
icon - [Everfrost] Obstacles on the Path to Success
icon - [Everfrost] A Hired Hand, Again
icon - [Everfrost] Dangerous Secret Rendezvous
icon - [Everfrost] The Second Story
icon - [Everfrost] An Unexpected Clue
icon - [Everfrost] Lesson Fee
icon - [Everfrost] The Hidden Second Story
icon - [Everfrost] To Charbonneau Charcoal Workshop
icon - [Everfrost] Heinous Manager
icon - [Everfrost] Familiar Faces
icon - [Everfrost] Building the Kiln
icon - [Everfrost] Save the Kiln!
icon - [Everfrost] The Forgotten Quest
icon - [Everfrost] To the Citron Orchard
icon - [Everfrost] Purari’s Orchard Pitch
icon - [Everfrost] Where Ghosts Lurk
icon - [Everfrost] Richie Smiles Again
icon - [Everfrost] Marumin’s Keepsake
icon - [Everfrost] Excellent Orchardist
icon - [Everfrost] Back to the Trial
icon - [Everfrost] The Third Trial
icon - [Everfrost] Snowstorm Guard Post
icon - [Everfrost] The Right to Lead
icon - [Everfrost] The Winter That Courts Death
icon - [Everfrost] Lost Settlement
icon - [Everfrost] Injured Tabudai
icon - [Everfrost] Who Planted the Dreadwinter Tree
icon - [Everfrost] Underneath the Bolt Tree
icon - [Everfrost] The Abets Shaman
icon - [Everfrost] The Trial of the Third Witch
icon - [Everfrost] Jade Starlight Forest
icon - [Everfrost] Return of the Bahitram
icon - [Everfrost] Full Account of the War
icon - [Everfrost] To the Mountain Top Guard Post
icon - [Everfrost] Waiting in Awkward Silence
icon - [Everfrost] Records of Orzeca
icon - [Everfrost] The Chief’s Request for Aid
icon - [Everfrost] The Reason We're Here
icon - [Everfrost] Flame of Origin
icon - [Everfrost] The Trial of the Fourth Witch
icon - [Everfrost] Khan, the Leader of the Abets
icon - [Everfrost] Eternal Winter’s Frost
icon - [Everfrost] Another Path of Prophecy
icon - [Everfrost] Eilton
icon - [Everfrost] Foxrule
icon - [Everfrost] Dragon Museum
icon - [Everfrost] Tales of Origin
icon - [Everfrost] City-Highland Border
icon - [Everfrost] Any Real Adventurer
icon - [Everfrost] Perfect Being
icon - [Everfrost] Erethea’s Slate
icon - [Everfrost] That Explosive Day
icon - [Everfrost] Pay Through the Snout
icon - [Everfrost] Eilton’s Outdoor Tavern
icon - [Everfrost] [Crossroad] One Game is All Yar Need
icon - [Everfrost] [Crossroad] No Silver, No Meal
icon - [Everfrost] Jordine’s Dream
icon - [Everfrost] When This Journey Ends
icon - [Everfrost] To Zvier Highlands
icon - [Everfrost] Hawk Abets Settlement
icon - [Everfrost] Endless Pockets
icon - [Everfrost] Brother’s Path
icon - [Everfrost] Fox Abets Settlement
icon - [Everfrost] Courage
icon - [Everfrost] Obtain Living Souls
icon - [Everfrost] The Trial of the Fifth Witch
icon - [Everfrost] City and Highlands Connection
icon - [Everfrost] Back to Barhan
icon - [Everfrost] Past the Shrine of Silent Prayers
icon - [Everfrost] Den of Barbarians
icon - [Everfrost] Barbarians' Dream
icon - [Everfrost] Where Clues of the Trial Lay
icon - [Everfrost] Desperate Wish
icon - [Everfrost] The Prophet's Key
icon - [Everfrost] Murrowak's Labyrinth
icon - [Everfrost] Black Dragon Markthanan
icon - [Everfrost] Jordine’s Hallucination
icon - [Everfrost] Unintended Mistake
icon - [Everfrost] Dragon Slaying Sherekhan
icon - [Everfrost] Tori Woods
icon - [Everfrost] Tori Throwing a Tantrum
icon - [Everfrost] To the Mountain of Eternal Winter
icon - [Everfrost] Climbing the Mountain
icon - [Everfrost] Haven of Slumbering Origin
icon - [Everfrost] The Flame that Consumes Gods
icon - [Everfrost] For You
icon - [Everfrost] Pawprint Letter
icon - [Everfrost] Lando’s Dream
icon - [Everfrost] Hidden Shrine
icon - [Everfrost] Marumin’s Heart
icon - [Everfrost] Beyond the Doors of Alyaelli
icon - [Everfrost] Crisis at Drieghan
icon - [Everfrost] Commune
icon - [Everfrost] Flashpoint
icon - [Everfrost] Charbonneau Villa
icon - [Everfrost] Wind Nol’s Warrior
icon - [Everfrost] An Unexpected Offer
icon - [Everfrost] Something Important
icon - [Everfrost] A Heroic Tale
icon - [Everfrost] The Trial of the Second Witch
icon - [Everfrost] Six Witches in the Snowlands
icon - [Everfrost] To Charbonneau Charcoal Workshop
icon - [Everfrost] Stable Keeper’s Kindness
icon - [Everfrost] Illusion’s Border
icon - [Everfrost] Wrapping Up
icon - [Everfrost] Road Less Traveled
icon - [Everfrost] First Collaboration
icon - [Everfrost] Cave of Warmth
icon - [Everfrost] Filled with Resentment
icon - [Everfrost] Hideout
icon - [Everfrost] Cave of Warmth
icon - [Everfrost] Filled with Resentment
icon - [Everfrost] Hideout
icon - [Everfrost] Cave of Warmth
icon - [Everfrost] Filled with Resentment
icon - [Everfrost] Hideout
icon - [Everfrost] Unintended Mistake
icon - [Everfrost] A Step Further
icon - [Everfrost] Journey's End
icon - [Everfrost] Endless Pockets
icon - [Everfrost] Prayer Rite for the Hawk
icon - [Everfrost] Brother’s Path
icon - [Everfrost] Prayer Rite for the Deer
icon - [Everfrost] Fox Abets Settlement
icon - [Everfrost] Clearing the Area
icon - [Everfrost] Prayer Rite for the Fox

Start NPC:
Black Spirit
End NPC:
icon - Bolt

- Description:
The Black Spirit says the stable keeper nearby is waving his hand towards you. Go talk to Bolt, the stable keeper of Wind Nol's Perch.

Hehe, he's totally scared.
Those two make quite the comedic duo.
But why is that stable keeper waving his hand towards us?
Guess he has something he wants to say...
I wonder what it could be?
Let's hurry up and find out!

What are you doing?
The stable keeper over there is calling us.

I heard you’re headed to Awina's Tail.
The roads are rather rough, so I was worried.
Haha. I mean, of course you and I haven’t met before,
but there's nothing wrong with worrying for others, right?
I also have benefited from the kindness of others,
so I wanted to pay it forward.
You also need keep your horse fully fed,
so it’ll have enough stamina to safely take you pass the swamp.
※ You can obtain a horse, your adventuring companion,
from Bolt upon completing [Horse Emblem] Seal of the Secret Guards.
※ Please note that the quest is only given once per Family
and the Horse Emblem will not be given if it was already previously obtained.

Completion Target: Bolt
- Talk to Bolt, the stable keeper of Wind Nol's Perch
Required actions:
Meet NPC: icon - Bolt

- EXP (29'864)
- Contribution EXP (100)
- Footsteps of Wind
- High-Quality Carrot
- Skill EXP
- Recover 3 Energy

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