ID: 7500/121
[Everfrost] Crisis at Drieghan
icon Quest
Region: NEW_ZONE: 12
Category: Black Spirit
Type: Character quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - [Everfrost] Search for the Holy Flame
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - [Everfrost] Beyond the Doors of Alyaelli
Next quest in the chain:
icon - [Everfrost] Commune

icon - [Everfrost] Search for the Holy Flame
icon - [Everfrost] Nana Margot’s Dream
icon - [Everfrost] The Bustling Mercenary Office
icon - [Everfrost] To the Bitter End!
icon - [Everfrost] Mayhem
icon - [Everfrost] Balacs Altar
icon - [Everfrost] Valencia’s Purpose
icon - [Everfrost] Calpheon’s Purpose
icon - [Everfrost] Drieghan's Purpose
icon - [Everfrost] Someday
icon - [Everfrost] Restricted Area
icon - [Everfrost] The Answer to the Document
icon - [Everfrost] Finding the Hillsworn Name
icon - [Everfrost] The Missing Book
icon - [Everfrost] Mysterious Shadow
icon - [Everfrost] Spectating a Fight
icon - [Everfrost] Sorta Had a Plan
icon - [Everfrost] An Old Friend
icon - [Everfrost] Jordine’s Hideout
icon - [Everfrost] Avoid Detection
icon - [Everfrost] Companion's Crisis
icon - [Everfrost] The First Story
icon - [Everfrost] Together with a Companion
icon - [Everfrost] Farewell
icon - [Everfrost] To Awina's Tail
icon - [Everfrost] Obstacles on the Path to Success
icon - [Everfrost] A Hired Hand, Again
icon - [Everfrost] Dangerous Secret Rendezvous
icon - [Everfrost] The Second Story
icon - [Everfrost] An Unexpected Clue
icon - [Everfrost] Lesson Fee
icon - [Everfrost] The Hidden Second Story
icon - [Everfrost] To Charbonneau Charcoal Workshop
icon - [Everfrost] Heinous Manager
icon - [Everfrost] Familiar Faces
icon - [Everfrost] Building the Kiln
icon - [Everfrost] Save the Kiln!
icon - [Everfrost] The Forgotten Quest
icon - [Everfrost] To the Citron Orchard
icon - [Everfrost] Purari’s Orchard Pitch
icon - [Everfrost] Where Ghosts Lurk
icon - [Everfrost] Richie Smiles Again
icon - [Everfrost] Marumin’s Keepsake
icon - [Everfrost] Excellent Orchardist
icon - [Everfrost] Back to the Trial
icon - [Everfrost] The Third Trial
icon - [Everfrost] Snowstorm Guard Post
icon - [Everfrost] The Right to Lead
icon - [Everfrost] The Winter That Courts Death
icon - [Everfrost] Lost Settlement
icon - [Everfrost] Injured Tabudai
icon - [Everfrost] Who Planted the Dreadwinter Tree
icon - [Everfrost] Underneath the Bolt Tree
icon - [Everfrost] The Abets Shaman
icon - [Everfrost] The Trial of the Third Witch
icon - [Everfrost] Jade Starlight Forest
icon - [Everfrost] Return of the Bahitram
icon - [Everfrost] Full Account of the War
icon - [Everfrost] To the Mountain Top Guard Post
icon - [Everfrost] Waiting in Awkward Silence
icon - [Everfrost] Records of Orzeca
icon - [Everfrost] The Chief’s Request for Aid
icon - [Everfrost] The Reason We're Here
icon - [Everfrost] Flame of Origin
icon - [Everfrost] The Trial of the Fourth Witch
icon - [Everfrost] Khan, the Leader of the Abets
icon - [Everfrost] Eternal Winter’s Frost
icon - [Everfrost] Another Path of Prophecy
icon - [Everfrost] Eilton
icon - [Everfrost] Foxrule
icon - [Everfrost] Dragon Museum
icon - [Everfrost] Tales of Origin
icon - [Everfrost] City-Highland Border
icon - [Everfrost] Any Real Adventurer
icon - [Everfrost] Perfect Being
icon - [Everfrost] Erethea’s Slate
icon - [Everfrost] That Explosive Day
icon - [Everfrost] Pay Through the Snout
icon - [Everfrost] Eilton’s Outdoor Tavern
icon - [Everfrost] [Crossroad] One Game is All Yar Need
icon - [Everfrost] [Crossroad] No Silver, No Meal
icon - [Everfrost] Jordine’s Dream
icon - [Everfrost] When This Journey Ends
icon - [Everfrost] To Zvier Highlands
icon - [Everfrost] Hawk Abets Settlement
icon - [Everfrost] Endless Pockets
icon - [Everfrost] Brother’s Path
icon - [Everfrost] Fox Abets Settlement
icon - [Everfrost] Courage
icon - [Everfrost] Obtain Living Souls
icon - [Everfrost] The Trial of the Fifth Witch
icon - [Everfrost] City and Highlands Connection
icon - [Everfrost] Back to Barhan
icon - [Everfrost] Past the Shrine of Silent Prayers
icon - [Everfrost] Den of Barbarians
icon - [Everfrost] Barbarians' Dream
icon - [Everfrost] Where Clues of the Trial Lay
icon - [Everfrost] Desperate Wish
icon - [Everfrost] The Prophet's Key
icon - [Everfrost] Murrowak's Labyrinth
icon - [Everfrost] Black Dragon Markthanan
icon - [Everfrost] Jordine’s Hallucination
icon - [Everfrost] Unintended Mistake
icon - [Everfrost] Dragon Slaying Sherekhan
icon - [Everfrost] Tori Woods
icon - [Everfrost] Tori Throwing a Tantrum
icon - [Everfrost] To the Mountain of Eternal Winter
icon - [Everfrost] Climbing the Mountain
icon - [Everfrost] Haven of Slumbering Origin
icon - [Everfrost] The Flame that Consumes Gods
icon - [Everfrost] For You
icon - [Everfrost] Pawprint Letter
icon - [Everfrost] Lando’s Dream
icon - [Everfrost] Hidden Shrine
icon - [Everfrost] Marumin’s Heart
icon - [Everfrost] Beyond the Doors of Alyaelli
icon - [Everfrost] Crisis at Drieghan
icon - [Everfrost] Commune
icon - [Everfrost] Flashpoint
icon - [Everfrost] Charbonneau Villa
icon - [Everfrost] Wind Nol’s Warrior
icon - [Everfrost] An Unexpected Offer
icon - [Everfrost] Something Important
icon - [Everfrost] A Heroic Tale
icon - [Everfrost] The Trial of the Second Witch
icon - [Everfrost] Six Witches in the Snowlands
icon - [Everfrost] To Charbonneau Charcoal Workshop
icon - [Everfrost] Stable Keeper’s Kindness
icon - [Everfrost] Illusion’s Border
icon - [Everfrost] Wrapping Up
icon - [Everfrost] Road Less Traveled
icon - [Everfrost] First Collaboration
icon - [Everfrost] Cave of Warmth
icon - [Everfrost] Filled with Resentment
icon - [Everfrost] Hideout
icon - [Everfrost] Cave of Warmth
icon - [Everfrost] Filled with Resentment
icon - [Everfrost] Hideout
icon - [Everfrost] Cave of Warmth
icon - [Everfrost] Filled with Resentment
icon - [Everfrost] Hideout
icon - [Everfrost] Unintended Mistake
icon - [Everfrost] A Step Further
icon - [Everfrost] Journey's End
icon - [Everfrost] Endless Pockets
icon - [Everfrost] Prayer Rite for the Hawk
icon - [Everfrost] Brother’s Path
icon - [Everfrost] Prayer Rite for the Deer
icon - [Everfrost] Fox Abets Settlement
icon - [Everfrost] Clearing the Area
icon - [Everfrost] Prayer Rite for the Fox

Start NPC:
icon - Lafi Bedmountain
End NPC:
icon - Talkative Old Man

- Description:
An old man has a story to tell. Talk to the talkative old man.

{ChangeScene(SnowyMain_005){AudioVoice(NPC_VCE_NEW_7500_1_5_Martha)There aren't any records indicating the Ynix's whereabouts after Orzeca, but…
If we head to the Mountain of Eternal Winter, its origin, we might be able to learn something!
{ChangeScene(SnowyMain_002){AudioVoice(NPC_VCE_NEW_7500_1_1_Sub)Did you say you plan to go to the Mountain of Eternal Winter?

{ChangeScene(SnowyMain_003){AudioVoice(NPC_VCE_NEW_7500_1_2_Sub)One does not simply walk into the Mountain of Eternal Winter.
There was an explosion… at the Sherekhan Iron Mine. It's far too dangerous.
{ChangeScene(SnowyMain_006){AudioVoice(NPC_VCE_NEW_7500_1_7_Yaz)Why? Will Garmoth appear and roast us alive?

{ChangeScene(SnowyMain_002){AudioVoice(NPC_VCE_NEW_7500_1_5_Sub)Hm… Do not frighten them, nor be so frightened yourselves.
Are we not descendants of the Sherekhans? The mighty Dragon slayers?
{AudioVoice(NPC_VCE_NEW_7500_1_7_Sub)But since you mention the explosion at the mine…
I should tell you of a dream that Nana Margot had.

{AudioVoice(NPC_VCE_NEW_7500_1_12_Rapi)The Heart of Atomagia is already in the hands of Illezra.
And it's clear as day that she's waiting for us to blunder into another one of her traps!

{AudioVoice(NPC_VCE_NEW_7500_1_10_Sub)Nana Margot was once chief priestess of Drieghan.
Yet despite having healed a thousand wounded,
{AudioVoice(NPC_VCE_NEW_7500_1_11_Sub)those of us who had lived through that great conflict
were of the belief that her powers had still not yet waned.

Completion Target: Talkative Old Man
- Talk to the talkative old man
Required actions:
Meet NPC: icon - Sub NPC

- EXP (5)
- Contribution EXP (100)
- Skill EXP
- Recover 3 Energy

Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - [Everfrost] Search for the Holy Flame

Required to open quests
icon - [Everfrost] Nana Margot’s Dream

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