ID: 7209/2
Seiri's New Draught
KR name: 세이리의 새로운 영약
icon Quest
Region: Drieghan
Category: Production
Type: Character quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - The Nervous Alchemist

Start NPC:
icon - Seiri
End NPC:
icon - Seiri

- Description:
Seiri thanked you for helping her with her alchemy. She asked if you can help her once more. She asked you try using her new elixir to make a new draught through Simple Alchemy.

※ Recipe for Savage Draught
Use Simple Alchemy in the Processing window (L) to combine Weenie Elixir x3 + Looney Elixir x3 + Helix Elixir x3 + Tears of the Falling Moon x1

Um... Adventurer... Do you think you could...
I mean... I will make it quick this time...
Do you think you could do Simple Alchemy
using the Helix Elixir you just made?
It's just that... I want to make a special potion...
A powerful potion that would give great courage to someone like me...
I mean, there's nothing I can do if you're too busy...

The ingredients are complex...
But it can be made easily...

It was another success...
Thank you, Adventurer...
What shall I name it?
I'd like it to sound powerful...
How about savage? I want to call it the Savage Draught...
(Seiri giggles shyly.)

Completion Target: Seiri
- Show Savage Draught after creating it
Required actions:
Obtain item:
- Savage Draught (1)

- Contribution EXP (400)
- Advanced Alchemy Tool
Amity (20): - Seiri

Quest requirements
Level = 56
Finished quest: icon - The Nervous Alchemist

Required to open quests
icon - [Repeat] Helix Elixir
icon - [Repeat] Seiri's Teacher

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