ID: 7111/1
Story of the Blood Wolves
KR name: 붉은늑대 이야기
icon Quest
Region: Drieghan
Category: Town
Type: Family quest
Level: 1

Next quest in the chain:
icon - Return of the Dead Mercenary

Start NPC:
icon - Story of the Blood Wolves
End NPC:
icon - Durgeff

- Description:
Secretly read the the Story of the Blood Wolves and go find the author of the book, Chief Durgeff, to ask about Kagtunak gems.

"Kagtunak. They are said to draw out the latent potential of certain objects.
I am thinking of writing about them in my next book.
If you want to hear more about it, come see me."
- Afterword of Story of the Blood Wolves by Chief Durgeff

"I will be waiting for you on the highest point of Duvencrune."

You read Story of the Blood Wolves, and finished it?
Why, thank you!
What did you think, was it a good read?
Oh, you want to know more about Kagtunak?
I'm surprised, a lot people said to me that
they think the concept of it is too absurd to be real.

Completion Target: Durgeff
- Secretly read Story of the Blood Wolves
Required actions:
  1. Get knowledge:
    icon - Story of the Blood Wolves

- Contribution EXP (350)
Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - A Gift for a Hero
Required to open quests
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JustcallmeSoul 19-11-2018 16:40
Firstly in the NA server the book is simply titled "Story of the Blood Wolves" which completely removes "Tale of the Crimson Dragon" from the equation
Secondly, the book requires 200 energy to read.
thirdly, the book can disappear WHILE YOU ARE READING IT and kick you out of the dialogue box in the process.
fourth, the book can go HOURS without respawning.
fifth, the book has at least 8 but more likely more locations it can spawn
sixth, if a single player reads the book it disappears for everyone.
Paula 5-12-2018 23:18
where the 8 location spawn? u can tell me?
NixScarlet 29-11-2018 01:51
Eu não faço ideia de como conseguir pegar essa quest no SA, se alguém tiver feito posta aqui.
Paula 5-12-2018 23:16
[eng] I would like to know where to find ..... I do not think anywhere ... if anyone can help ... thk

[port] Queria saber onde encontrar..... nao acho em lugar algum.... se alguém puder ajudar... obrigada
Zum 24-12-2018 03:05
Images with possible locations here:

That said, I haven't had much luck yet after ~2 hours of looking on all the spots on various channels.
ORION_Xavier 13-01-2020 23:47
I found it first try, on the first floor in the building behind Durgeff. Reading the book had no dialogue options. I finally realized I only had combat quests on in quest settings, so I changed it to All quests- the book INSTANTLY disappeared after changing. WOW...

3 hours later still have not found it on any channel or location...
ORION_Xavier 14-01-2020 01:40
So after 4 hours of searching I found the book, it had a green quest icon above it. I spammed "R" to accept quest and read it. It exited the quest info., and the book disappeared.

I have the quest and it says to read the book and go to Durgeff. Durgeff has a blue quest icon, but won't give me any dialogue options or quest progression.

Apparently... when you accept the quest the book despawns. But you have to read the book AGAIN. So, you are back to waiting hours for it to appear again.

Not to mention that all of this is kind of moot considering that right now the market shows zero Black Magic Crystal - Viper or Armor crystals, so you can't even make Dark Red Fang crystals lol.
Yuu Necromancer 16-03-2020 14:15
a mi me tomo 1 día completo xD encontrarlo
yoshinomura 22-03-2020 00:38
It is not required to find the book multiple times. I was able to accept and complete the quest in one go, by speeding through it as quickly as possible.
ORION_Xavier 9-05-2020 02:43
If by that you mean spamming "R" then yes, and actually that's what you have to do. I didn't know it disappears after accepting the quest, so I didn't know to spam R to accept the quest AND complete the quest by clicking the book again.
Eildiana 1-06-2021 18:46
yeah I spamed R and realized I didnt have enough 200 energy to read book T_T now waiting for the book to respawn like forever.... =(
DarwiK 8-05-2020 23:31
It is only work on night??? Can someone tell me???banghead.gifbanghead.gifbanghead.gif
Yuu Necromancer 9-05-2020 01:37
cualquier hora, puedes buscarlo en el link que publique y suerte
DarwiK 9-05-2020 12:48
gracias smile.gif
snowfliing 23-07-2020 12:28
here are pics of all locations

(for me the other link posted didnt work)
Odin_rng 6-07-2021 15:52
Hello guys, I found mine when I've tried to seaarch on Arsha server. So I think the problem in the other servers is that a lot o people passing through there. Try to search in Arsha server. I hope that this help you guys.
hguzman9089 11-10-2021 06:06
Por error abandone la mision y ahora no puedo aceptarla de nuevo sad.gif alguien sabe que puedo hacer?

By mistake I drop the mission and cant accept it back from the npc by any chance some know what can i do? sad.gif

Como dato, me dio la misión nuevamente, 3 días después, no tengo idea la razón
seganku 4-07-2023 08:52
I ran through most of the list a couple times a day for about a week before seeing the quest icon. As luck would have it, I was drained on energy .. I only had 150, but I remembered I had a energy pot somewhere. I had time to search through my butlers/maids and pull it out of Glish's storage, then read the book after accepting the quest and before it despawned, maybe a couple minutes. (NA Season 3)

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