ID: 7006/10
A Son's Greed
KR name: 아들의 욕심
icon Quest
Region: Drieghan
Category: Story
Type: Family quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Ranchini the Liar I
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - An Old Man's Greed

Start NPC:
icon - Gyor
End NPC:
icon - Ranchini

- Description:
Ranchini the liar tell tales because he wants to become famous. If you tell him his father's secret, he would probably really like it.

※ Caution: If you complete this quest, you cannot accept the quest "An Old Man's Greed."

Wait, wait! You can't tell Ranchini what you discovered!
He will tell everyone! Don't!

I don't do this because I want to be famous.

If everybody knows, we will all become rich, no?
I am not doing this out of greed!

Completion Target: Ranchini
- Tell Ranchini his father's secret
Required actions:
Meet NPC: icon - Ranchini

- Contribution EXP (150)
- EXP (100)
- Orkinrad Piece - Leather Knot
- Orkinrad Piece - Metal Ornament

Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - Old Mountain Lover II
Not finished quest: icon - An Old Man's Greed
Not accepted quest: icon - An Old Man's Greed

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