ID: 6801/1
Offin Tett's Light Fragment
KR name: 오핀 테트의 빛 조각
icon Quest
Region: Kamasylvia
Category: Story
Type: Family quest
Level: 56

Start NPC:
icon - Dikzipo
End NPC:
icon - Dikzipo

- Description:
Dikzipo said that if you have an Offin Tett's Light Fragment, he can use his Lapis Lazuli to make new and powerful weapons. Let's obtain Offin Tett's Light Fragments.

※ Defeat Offin Tett, a world boss, to collect Offin Tett's Light Fragments.

Do you know of Tett's elements?
There are many of them but it's Tett's radiant energy that you are currently holding.
It is a type of special element that only the wizards of the Godr-Ayed Thea can work with.
However, doesn't it also remind you of something?
Yes, I'm talking about Lapis Lazuli.
I want to use my Lapis Lazuli and this element of Tett's to create new types of weapons.
I can only do that if you can obtain Offin Tett's Light Fragments by defeating Offin Tett.
Are you interested?
If so, please go and get some more.

If you can get me some Offin Tett's Light Fragments
I will make you a weapon using my Lapis Lazuli.

It's done,
and it turned out pretty well.
Mm? Oh, you don't have to pay me.
I enjoyed forging this.

Completion Target: Dikzipo
- Give Offin Tett's Light Fragments to Dikzipo
Required actions:
Give item:
- Offin Tett's Light Fragment (100) NPC: icon - Dikzipo

- Offin Tett's Light Sealed Weapon Box

Quest requirements
Level = 56
Have item: icon Offin Tett's Light Fragment>4

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