ID: 6500/45
[Repeat] The Most Beautiful Feather
KR name: [반복] 가장 아름다운 깃털
icon Quest
Region: Kamasylvia
Category: Recurring
Type: Family quest
Level: 1

Next quest in the chain:
icon - [Repeat] Smothered in Black Oil

Start NPC:
icon - Milden
End NPC:
icon - Milden

- Description:
Adventurer Milden, who hails from Keplan, is enthralled by the Feather Wolf. Hunt the Feather Wolf, and return with tanned hide of the Feather Wolf (Obtain by Tanning).

※ You can accept this quest again at midnight (server time) after 1 day from completing the quest.

Oh, Player!
I heard that you helped Jensen before.
I heard that Likke Behr could not hold back his praise.
I wonder what great things you got for him. Hahaha!
If it's okay, could I ask you for a favor, too?
Those Feather Wolves...
They caught my eyes first at these steppes.
They have feathers that are more beautiful than any bird's!
And the leader of the wolves
has pitch black feathers.
Could you bring back some of these beautiful feathers?

Beautiful feathers of Phnyls...
I want them.

Your skills always amaze me!
Thank you. Thank you so much! Hahaha!

Completion Target: Milden
- Collect Feather Wolf Hide
Required actions:
Obtain item:
- Feather Wolf Hide (40)

- Contribution EXP (300)
- Contribution EXP (1)
- EXP (100)
- Ancient Spirit Dust

Quest requirements
Level = 58
Finished quest: icon - Revivify Knowledge
Contribution Points: >259

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Archdragoon 13-06-2021 05:18
I already completed Revivify Knowledge quest and have 259 contribution point, This The Most Beautiful Feather quest still not show up. What else do I have to do ?

*My bad. It have to be more than 259. 260 is enough.

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