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[Daily Quest Graduation] Giants and Manshas
KR name: [일일 의뢰 수료] 거인족과 만샤족
icon Quest
Region: All
Category: Town
Type: Family quest
Level: 53

Start NPC:
icon - Valks
End NPC:
icon - Valks

- Description:
A certificate of daily quest completion with the official seal of Calpheon granted to those who helped reduce the number of Giants and Manshas, some of the major threat to Calpheon.

※ The following quests will not appear anymore after completing this quest.
[Daily] Giant Scheme [1/D]
[Daily] Increasing Manshas [1/D]
※ Think carefully before you proceed.

I think your ability is just too much for
mindlessly repeating the daily quests to kill the Manshas and Giants.
Thanks to your efforts so far, damages from the Giants have reduced,
and the Manshas are not expanding anymore.
Now, for the last time, if you could go out and fight in the battlefield,
I will give you a certificate of completion with the official seal of Calpheon on it.
This will be a great honor for you personally,
and it should help you further your career, too.
※ You will never get the daily quests below after completing this quest.
[Daily] A Gigantic Scheme (1/D), [Daily] Increasing Manshas (1/D)
※ Upon completing this quest, you will not be able to accept Black Spirit's daily quests
in Calpheon area. Think before proceeding with this quest.

Now, if you are willing to go out to the battlefield and fight for the last time,
I will grant you a certificate with the official of Calpheon on it.

You've done so much for Calpheon.
Please take this as a gift for your effort.

Completion Target: Valks
- Kill Calpheon Giants
- Kill Calpheon Manshas
Required actions:
Kill monsters (200):
icon - Giant Combatant
icon - Giant
icon - Giant Combatant
icon - Giant Brawler
icon - Giant Warrior
icon - Giant Fighter
Kill monsters (200):

icon - Mansha Warrior
icon - Mansha Trap
icon - Mansha Javelin Thrower
icon - Mansha Warrior

- Contribution EXP (300)
- Hunter's Seal
- Calpheon Daily Quest Certificate

Quest requirements
Don't have knowledge on Calpheon Daily Quest Certificate
Level = 53

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Anonymous 19-06-2016 18:18
Be advised! Once you complete this quest, you will no longer be able to do them, or any of the others!

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