ID: 4551/1
Knowledge Battle with Haley #1
KR name: 헤일리와의 지식 대결 #1
icon Quest
Region: Mediah
Types: Town
Level: 50

Next quest in the chain:
icon - Knowledge Battle with Haley #2

Start NPC:
icon - Haley
End NPC:
icon - Haley

- Description:
Altinova's pickpocket Haley challenged you to a knowledge-off. Read the question from a parchment on the nearby table and give the answer more quickly than Haley to the jeweler Belgar.

Hey, you! I need someone to compete with! Duel me!
Of course, I'm not gonna duel you with weapons. I think that'd be unfair.
This duel is about people! Incidents! History! This is a battle of knowledge! Huh? Do you want to battle?
Hahaha! You think I'm too easy to beat? Oi, don't look down on me.
The first question is about people! Check the note on the table in the back!
The question is on the note. Tell Belgar the Jeweler the answer!
The person who answers faster wins!
If you can beat me, I'll give you a reasonable reward. Hahaha!

Add a sharp brain on top of my swift movement.
Belgar... that beauty will fall in love with me. Huhu.

What? You already got the answer? U-ugh... No way.
But I didn't lose yet! Let's do it again!

Completion Target: Haley
- Check the question in the note on the table
- Find Belgar and get the right answer
Required actions:
Meet NPC: icon - Belgar's Parchment
Get knowledge:
icon - Splashing Point Skill Instructor

- Contribution EXP 20

Quest requirements
Level = 50

Required to open quests
icon - Knowledge Battle with Haley #2

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Anonymous 18-04-2016 00:20

Correct Answer is Moguly Pirates Captain.

str1ker88 7-05-2016 05:48

From bdo forum post, All 21 answers below. Full Rewards are in NA version for #21 Now.

Answer #1 - Captain of Moguly Pirates
Answer #2 - 101
Answer #3 - Lord Accusation
Answer #4 - Sexually harrased assilience
Answer #5 - Remains of Ancient Giant
Answer #6 - Allan Serbin
Answer #7 - Dark Red Crystal
Answer #8 - Khuruto
Answer #9 - Comitia of Tantinis
Answer #10 - The Mausoleum
Answer #11 - Kamasilve Temple
Answer #12 - Neruda Shen
Answer #13 - Adam Berney
Answer #14 - Mediah Shore
Answer #15 - Alustin
Answer #16 - Sezec Hunters
Answer #17 - Cron Castle
Answer #18 - Scuffling Letusa
Answer #19 - Helmet
Answer #20 - Wandering Rogues
Answer #21 - Bareeds III

Spielkind 14-12-2016 06:56

How could you get all the infos in the game? just by try it?...
I did the first time click rrrrrrr and did throw 90Energy in the first answer again and again xD..... I was soo stupid :D


#5 Überreste der Urriesen
#9 Komitien von Tantinis
#13 Alfons Berney
#14 Küste von Mediah
#18 Zeitlose Letusa
#19 Helms
#20 Umherziehende Schurken

Die Quest gibt 2 Titel:
"Fragwürdige Person" + "Schlau und Sexy"

Anonymous 6-01-2017 02:42

Thnx man

Anonymous 16-11-2016 11:10

You need to spend 10 energy for the first 20 answers and the last one takes 40 energy.

Anonymous 20-01-2017 15:17

can you re-do this quest on multiple chars?

Anonymous 4-07-2017 14:51

It seems you cant (srry for very late answer lol)


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