ID: 4535/29
[Crossroad] Presenting Evidence Against Gongklad
KR name: [선택] 공클러드와 정황 증거들
icon Quest
Region: Mediah
Category: Town
Type: Family quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - The Request for Reinforcements from the Shroud Knights
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Gongklad's Betrayal
Next quest in the chain:
icon - [Crossroad] You Should also Know this About Gongklad

Start NPC:
Black Spirit
End NPC:
icon - Kunga

- Description:
Talk to Kunga with all the evidence you gathered to this point.

※ Completing the quest '[Crossroad] Presenting Evidence Against Gongklad' will prevent you from accepting the quest '[Crossroad] You Should also Know this About Gongklad'.
※ This quest is available only once per family.

Hmm...This is hard work.
This is it. There's nothing more we can do!
We did a good job gathering this much evidence, didn't we?
You should thank me, since I'm the one who made all of this possible. Hehe.
Now go back to Kunga and tell him what we found.
※ Completing the quest '[Crossroad] Presenting Evidence Against Gongklad'
will prevent you from accepting the quest '[Crossroad] You Should also Know this About Gongklad'.

Tell him everything quickly so we can go rest.
There isn't anything more we can find anyway.

What's this? This stone was found placed under the tomb?
Curses! This is a stone that makes corpses rot at a faster rate.
Was is that blasted Gongklad scheming?
I will have to investigate this matter.
Now run along. I'll take care of everything else!
Let's get a drink together some time later!

Completion Target: Kunga
- Tell Kunga all that you've uncovered thus far
Required actions:
  1. Meet NPC: Kunga

- Contribution EXP (250)
- Gold Bar 10G
- EXP (100)
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SaferMurderweapon 13-07-2023 19:00
Picking this quest ends the chain early. Comments on the other crossroad quest are misleading. It's once per family; don't screw up like I did
caminashell 18-09-2023 20:23
Accepting the other crossroad and not this one seemed to be the last quest for me. The first crossroad I selected in chain was [Crossroad] The Revealed Scheme of the Wicked. I do not think that selecting the other crossroad choice will necessarily "continue" the chain - but depend on the earlier crossroad you chose.

So here is what I think happened...

I believe that either quest may not continue the chain further unless you sided with Gongklad by selecting the first - [Crossroad] Gongklads Companion.

I can only presume most people "spam R" and do not read storyline, and expect things to work as outlined in codex chains. One crossroad does not follow another in this (and likely other) chains, yet it is oddly indicated so on codex. Furthermore, since you may have "spammed R", you would have selected the honest crossroad, which I think would lock out quests passed this point, regardless of if you choose this or the other.

The crossroad quests give player a choice of path in the story, and will either lock or unlock later quests depending on what was chosen. I learnt this completing the Balenos storyline (multiple times) to acquire knowledge completion.

By selecting the first "[Crossroad] The Revealed Scheme of the Wicked", you chose to be lawful and not wicked, therefore I think that is why you cannot progress later to "Working with the Wicked" because you did not work together in the first place and therefore have nothing to celebrate with him.

Most of the quests from Gongklad I think will come if you choose to work with him.

I think that if the above turns out to be correct, a notice comment for crossroad selection should be added to the first quest in the chain.

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