ID: 4520/191
[Fishing Leap Artisan 10] A Fishing Master
KR name: [낚시 승급 Lv50] 낚시의 달인
icon Quest
Region: All
Category: Production
Type: Character quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Children Who Want to Float
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - [Fishing Leap Artisan 7] Song of the Sea and Fish
Next quest in the chain:
icon - [Farming Leap Artisan 7] Essentials for Praying

icon - Children Who Want to Float
icon - I Want Some Bear Blood...
icon - A Mysterious Elixir of Love
icon - Elixir of Amity Production
icon - Befriending the Rhutum Alchemist
icon - The Oil that Saved Yisar Pjetyo
icon - Make Elixir of Frenzy
icon - Elixir of Frenzy Ingredient #1
icon - Elixir of Frenzy Ingredient #2
icon - Elixir of Frenzy Ingredient #3
icon - Elixir of Frenzy Ingredient #4
icon - For the Apprentice Sorcerers
icon - For the Weary Workers
icon - Sudden Spell
icon - [Processing Leap Artisan 4] Work for Tarif
icon - [Processing Leap Artisan 7] Have to Give...
icon - [Processing Leap Artisan 10] Altinova's Prestige
icon - [Alchemy Leap Artisan 4] A Stronger Elixir
icon - [Alchemy Leap Artisan 7] Glorious Golden Hand
icon - [Alchemy Leap Artisan 10] Just an Alchemist
icon - [Gathering Leap Artisan 4] Three Little Otters
icon - [Gathering Leap Artisan 7] A Pickaxe that Lays Gold
icon - [Gathering Leap Artisan 10] From the Hand of a Person
icon - [Cooking Leap Artisan 4] Mediahn Food Culture
icon - [Cooking Leap Artisan 7] All About Mediah Cuisine
icon - [Cooking Leap Artisan 10] Full of Courage!
icon - Bitter Aloe
icon - The Special Taste of Aloe Yogurt
icon - Aloe Cookies Go with Yogurt
icon - A Beauty's Tastes
icon - A Dish with Dried Fish
icon - Fish Fillet Chips
icon - Ignar's Snack
icon - Nens Bailey's Dining Table
icon - [Alchemy Artisan 1] Don't Get Hit
icon - [Alchemy Artisan 2] Don't Fall
icon - [Alchemy Artisan 3] For a Single Blow
icon - [Alchemy Artisan 5] Experience is Important
icon - [Alchemy Artisan 6] Offense is the Best Recovery?!
icon - [Alchemy Artisan 8] Can't Lose to a Sorcerer
icon - [Alchemy Artisan 9] An Elixir from Calpheon
icon - [Cooking Professional 9] For Those Leaving
icon - [Cooking Artisan 1] Food for Strength
icon - [Cooking Artisan 2] Delicious-Looking Food
icon - [Cooking Artisan 3] How to Preserve Fish
icon - [Cooking Artisan 5] Liquor of Altinova I
icon - [Cooking Artisan 6] Liquor of Altinova II
icon - [Cooking Artisan 8] Food for Guests
icon - [Cooking Artisan 9] A Gift for Edman
icon - [Gathering Artisan 1] Altinova Refugee Aid I
icon - [Gathering Artisan 2] Altinova Refugee Aid II
icon - [Gathering Artisan 3] Altinova Refugee Aid III
icon - [Gathering Artisan 5] Altinova Refugee Aid IV
icon - [Gathering Artisan 6] Have You Tried Aloe?
icon - [Gathering Artisan 8] Luck Test I
icon - [Gathering Artisan 9] Luck Test II
icon - [Processing Artisan 1] Need a Hand I
icon - [Processing Artisan 2] Need a Hand II
icon - [Processing Artisan 3] Need a Hand III
icon - [Processing Artisan 5] Need a Hand IV
icon - [Processing Artisan 6] How to Use a Crystal
icon - [Processing Artisan 8] How to Make a Good Jewel
icon - [Processing Artisan 9] Strength to a Cursed Land...
icon - [Hunting Leap Professional 7] Fugitive Khalk I
icon - [Hunting Leap Professional 10] Fugitive Khalk II
icon - [Hunting Leap Artisan 4] The Precious Molar
icon - [Hunting Leap Artisan 7] The Best Booty
icon - [Hunting Leap Artisan 10] An Absolute Hunter
icon - [Fishing Leap Artisan 4] The Master Fisher of Splashing Point
icon - [Fishing Leap Artisan 7] Song of the Sea and Fish
icon - [Fishing Leap Artisan 10] A Fishing Master
icon - [Farming Leap Artisan 7] Essentials for Praying
icon - [Farming Leap Artisan 10] Important Guests
icon - [Trading Leap Artisan 4] Kusha Town Festival
icon - [Trading Leap Artisan 7] High-Quality Parchment
icon - [Trading Leap Artisan 10] Unique Items from Mediah
icon - [Training Leap Artisan 4] After the Horse's Heart
icon - [Training Leap Artisan 7] No Better Horse Whisperer
icon - [Training Leap Artisan 10] Emergency Aid
icon - [Leap] Honor to the Fishing Family #5

Start NPC:
icon - Bavio
End NPC:
icon - Bavio

- Description:
※ You can gain EXP equivalent to 50% of Fishing Artisan 10 through this quest.

Bavio said that he's recently heard about a very skilled fisher and wants to know if their reputation is deserved. Utilize your experience to catch a Coelacanth and a Sperm Whale, then return to Bavio.

Well, who's this? Queek! The famous fisher Player
has come to town. Queek!
I'm happy to see you. Queek!
I used to travel the world like you when I was young. Queek!
I want to share many stories with you. Queek!
Stories about the world, the rivers, the ocean and fishing. Queek!
By the way, I hear that you are such a skilled fisher... Queek!
So show me your skills! Queek! I want to see them for myself. Queek!
Fishers with true skills. Queek! Always want. Queek!
To check the other's skills. Queek!

You can't catch a Coelacanth and a Sperm Whale by talent alone. Queek.
Fortune must also favor your lines. Queek!

Queek! Impressive! Queek! Really impressive!
I think you are a better fisher than I ever was. Queek!
Do you want to work here in Splashing Point? Queek!
We can go fishing together, and even bring some life back into this humble town.
Oh, there's still places you want to travel in the world? Queek!
I see. Please come visit me again sometime, though! Queek!

Completion Target: Bavio
- Catch a Sperm Whale
- Catch a Coelacanth
Required actions:
Obtain item:
- Sperm Whale (1)
Obtain item:
- Coelacanth (6)

- Production EXP (Fishing)
- Hard Black Crystal Shard
- Sharp Black Crystal Shard

Quest requirements
Fishing > Artisan 10
Finished quest: icon - [Fishing Leap Artisan 7] Song of the Sea and Fish

Required to open quests
icon - [Leap] Honor to the Fishing Family #5

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figsadventurer 24-05-2021 01:27
baleia cachalote não se encontra no bdo fish, mas pode ser pescada com arpão próximo da ilha dos piratas. eu pesquei ao lado da ilha de teste.
Bsherder 27-03-2022 16:40
Grab this quest to keep in your quest log but i wish you the best of luck actually finding a Sperm Whale. Can't find it even on Famme's Map. I have never seen a recording or screenshots of anyone catching one in the NA version.
a111q222 15-08-2022 08:38

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