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How to Survive the Wilderness
KR name: 야생에서 살아남는 방법
icon Quest
Region: Southwestern Calpheon
Category: Town
Type: Family quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Annoying Jellyfish
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Reinventing an Old Weapon
Next quest in the chain:
icon - Old Moon Guild and Survival Skill

icon - Annoying Jellyfish
icon - Water Strider Mystery
icon - Catfishman Identity
icon - Roccio's Dispatch
icon - Show Your Abilities
icon - Stop the Over-fishing
icon - Catfishman Total War
icon - My Old Friends
icon - Rhutums' Threat
icon - Who are the Rhutums?
icon - Powerful Rhutums
icon - An Ornament Worth Something
icon - Mayeri's Concern
icon - A Wooden Sword is Weak
icon - Suspicious Treant Spirit
icon - Root Treant is the Best Medicine
icon - The Last Quarry
icon - Safe Trip
icon - A Spell Under the Witch Tower
icon - Confirm the Rumor
icon - Deep in Hexe Sanctuary
icon - Lover's Well-Being
icon - Witch's Cauldron
icon - Herb Thieves!
icon - Decorations for Furniture
icon - Root of Darkness?
icon - Attacking Bats
icon - Wounded Soldiers' Revenge
icon - Are Red Boars a Problem, Queek?
icon - Ghost Amulet
icon - Father's Sword
icon - Last Regard for a Friend
icon - Hunter's Token
icon - Warrior's Ornament
icon - Precious Bone Chip
icon - Where Have All the Hunters Gone?
icon - Finding a Usable Bow
icon - Being a Great Hunter
icon - Onto a Winner
icon - T-That Root is Good
icon - The Secret of That Sound?
icon - Texture of Weasel Fur
icon - Recent Popular Item
icon - A Mind to Decorate
icon - Is it a Human or a Tree?
icon - Twin Treant Core
icon - T-Threatening Red B-Bear!
icon - Till M-Master Comes
icon - Rhutums' Defense Buildings
icon - An Eye for an Eye and Some Teeth
icon - Destroy the Cannon
icon - Hang Spoils of War to Plant Fear
icon - Death to Elites
icon - Death to Support Troops
icon - T-They Harass Us
icon - They're Too Much, Even with Cannons
icon - Catfishmen are Tasty!
icon - The Stench Makes Me Want to Die
icon - Leaping Over the Ferocious Rhutums
icon - [Defeat the Rhutums I] Enjoy the Fight
icon - [Defeat the Rhutums II] Stronger Opponents
icon - [Defeat the Rhutums III] You Should be more Careful
icon - [Defeat the Rhutums IV] An Endless Fight
icon - [Defeat the Manshas I] Small yet Strong!
icon - [Defeat the Manshas II] Masters of the Javelin
icon - [Defeat the Manshas III] Never Give Up
icon - [Defeat the Catfishmen I] The Great Catfishman
icon - [Defeat the Catfishmen II] Bigger Means Stronger, Right?
icon - [Defeat the Catfishmen III] The Bizarre Catfishman
icon - [Defeat the Catfishmen IV] I Accepting Defeat
icon - [Defeat the Treants I] I Hate Those Trees!
icon - [Defeat the Treants II] Odd Trees?
icon - [Defeat the Treants III] Huge Treants
icon - [Defeat the Treants IV] In Order to Prevent Future Damages...
icon - [Abandoned Monastery I] Just Say You're Scared
icon - [Abandoned Monastery II] An Enemy Who Can Use Magic
icon - [Abandoned Monastery III] Call This a Rescue?!
icon - [Calpheon Shrine I] A Dangerous Patrol
icon - [Calpheon Shrine II] The Vestiges of Kzarka
icon - [Calpheon Shrine III] Reduce Their Power
icon - [Hexe Sanctuary I] For the Sake of the Other Creatures
icon - [Hexe Sanctuary II] The Truth Behind the Witch Tower
icon - [Hexe Sanctuary III] A Strong Skeleton
icon - [Hexe Sanctuary IV] Purifying the Hexe Sanctuary
icon - Toll
icon - White Lie for Toby
icon - Herb of Deep Breath
icon - State-of-the-Art Firearm
icon - The Deadliest Metal
icon - Reinventing an Old Weapon
icon - How to Survive the Wilderness
icon - Old Moon Guild and Survival Skill

Start NPC:
icon - Likke Behr
End NPC:
icon - Likke Behr

- Description:
Likke Behr wants to teach you how to build a Camping Tent, saying that it is the most comfortable way to rest. Get the required materials for building a tent and bring them to Likke.

※ This quest is available only once per family.

※ Use Gathering tools like Hoe, Lumbering Axe, Fluid Collector, etc. and gather the required materials yourself. Note that you can also purchase the materials on the Central Market.

When I was young, just like you, I was always living in the wilderness without any shelter.
But it didn't turn out quite well. I have a serious backache these days.
And this is ever getting worse, and I can't even go hunting.
Some villagers say that it's just that I became lazy or something...
Ha! Well, that's another story. Did you say you wanna learn survival skills?
Just a quick-built tent can give you a snug little house you can have a rest.
First, you'll need some materials for the tent.
Some Cedar timber, Cedar Sap, and Rough Stone will do.

I heard that nowadays, you can even buy and sell items in the wilderness.
How great is that? I wish there was such a thing when I was younger.

Okay, I will now teach you how to set up a Campsite.
Watch carefully. This might save your life someday.

Completion Target: Likke Behr
- Give Cedar Timber
- Give Cedar Sap
- Give Rough Stone
Required actions:
Give item:
- Cedar Timber (3)
Give item:
- Cedar Sap (5)
Give item:
- Rough Stone (3)

- Camping Tool
Amity (20): - Likke Behr
- EXP (100)

Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - Survival Guru

Required to open quests
icon - Old Moon Guild and Survival Skill

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