ID: 3530/246
[Event] Philaberto's Golden Antiques
KR name: [이벤트] 필라베르토의 황금 골동품
icon Quest
Region: All
Types: Town
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - Annoying Jellyfish
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Leaping Over Rhutums Elites
Next quest in the chain:
icon - [Defeat the Rhutums I] Enjoy the Fight

icon - Annoying Jellyfish
icon - Water Strider Mystery
icon - Catfishman Identity
icon - Roccio's Dispatch
icon - Show Your Abilities
icon - Stop the Overfishing
icon - Catfishman Total War
icon - My Old Friends
icon - Rhutums' Threat
icon - Who are the Rhutums?
icon - Powerful Rhutums
icon - An Ornament Worth Something
icon - Mayeri's Concern
icon - A Wooden Sword is Weak
icon - Suspicious Treant Spirit
icon - Root Treant is the Best Medicine
icon - The Last Quarry
icon - Safe Trip
icon - A Spell Under the Witch Tower
icon - Confirm the Rumor
icon - Deep in Hexe Sanctuary
icon - Lover's Well-Being
icon - Witch's Cauldron
icon - Herb Thieves!
icon - Decorations for Furniture
icon - Root of Darkness?
icon - Attacking Bats
icon - Wounded Soldiers' Revenge
icon - Are Red Boars a Problem, Queek?
icon - Ghost Amulet
icon - Father's Sword
icon - Last Regard for a Friend
icon - Hunter's Token
icon - Warrior's Ornament
icon - Precious Bone Chip
icon - Where Have All the Hunters Gone?
icon - Finding a Usable Bow
icon - Being a Great Hunter
icon - Onto a Winner
icon - T-That Root is Good
icon - The Secret of That Sound?
icon - Texture of Weasel Fur
icon - Recent Popular Item
icon - A Mind to Decorate
icon - Is it a Human or a Tree?
icon - Twin Treant Core
icon - T-Threatening Red B-Bear!
icon - Till M-Master Comes
icon - Rhutums' Defense Buildings
icon - An Eye for an Eye and Some Teeth
icon - Destroy the Cannon
icon - Hang Spoils of War to Plant Fear
icon - Death to Elites
icon - Death to Support Troops
icon - T-They Harass Us
icon - They're Too Much, Even with Cannons
icon - Catfishmen are Tasty!
icon - The Stench Makes Me Want to Die
icon - Leaping Over Rhutums Elites
icon - [Event] Philaberto's Golden Antiques
icon - [Defeat the Rhutums I] Enjoy the Fight
icon - [Defeat the Rhutums II] Stronger Opponents
icon - [Defeat the Rhutums III] You Should be more Careful
icon - [Defeat the Rhutums IV] An Endless Fight
icon - [Defeat the Manshas I] Small yet Strong!
icon - [Defeat the Manshas II] Masters of the Javelin
icon - [Defeat the Manshas III] Never Give Up
icon - [Defeat the Catfishmen I] The Great Catfishman
icon - [Defeat the Catfishmen II] Bigger Means Stronger, Right?
icon - [Defeat the Catfishmen III] The Bizarre Catfishman
icon - [Defeat the Catfishmen IV] I Accepting Defeat
icon - [Defeat the Treants I] I Hate Those Trees!
icon - [Defeat the Treants II] Odd Trees?
icon - [Defeat the Treants III] Huge Treants
icon - [Defeat the Treants IV] In Order to Prevent Future Damages...
icon - [Abandoned Abbey I] Just Say You're Scared
icon - [Abandoned Abbey II] An Enemy Who Can Use Magic
icon - [Abandoned Abbey III] Call This a Rescue?!
icon - [Calpheon Shrine I] A Dangerous Patrol
icon - [Calpheon Shrine II] The Vestiges of Kzarka
icon - [Calpheon Shrine III] Reduce Their Power
icon - [Hexe Sanctuary I] For the Sake of the Other Creatures
icon - [Hexe Sanctuary II] The Truth Behind the Witch Tower
icon - [Hexe Sanctuary III] A Strong Skeleton
icon - [Hexe Sanctuary IV] Purifying the Hexe Sanctuary
icon - Toll
icon - White Lie for Toby
icon - Herb of Deep Breath
icon - State-of-the-Art Firearm
icon - The Deadliest Metal
icon - Reinventing an Old Weapon
icon - How to Survive the Wilderness
icon - Old Moon Guild and Survival Skill

Start NPC:
icon - Pavino Greko
End NPC:
icon - Philaberto Falasi

– Description:
[Event] The storage keeper Fabino Greco delivers the quest on behalf of the Tycoon Philaberto Falasi from Port Epheria. Collect the required amount of Rough Stone, Rusty Dagger, and Tilefish to receive a golden antique item from Philaberto.

※ You can mine Rough Stone from rocks all over the world.
※ Rusty Daggers can be obtained by killing monsters all over the world. Collect 500 or more and give them to Philaberto Falasi.
※ You can catch Tilefishes in the sea.

You know what?
The richest man in Epheria, Philaberto Falasi!
He's releasing a massive amount of golden antiques in his collection.
ONLY IF you bring him what he asks.
Umm, that would be...
Rough Stone, Rusty Dagger, and... Tilefish.
From the look of yours, I can see that you are quite puzzled.
I understand. It's quirky.
But he should be quirky. He's the Goblin who started as a servant
and climbed up his way to earning the prestigious name of the Falasi family!
Of course, his reward will be beyond your imagination.
So? Are you in?

Hmm, his request included...
Rough Stone, Rusty Dagger, and... a Tilefish.

Th-Thank you for accepting my t-troublesome suggestion.
It may not be m-much, but please take th-this.

Completion Target: Philaberto Falasi
- Gather Rough Stone
- Exchange Rusty Dagger
- Catch Tilefish
Required actions:
Obtain item:
- Rough Stone (300)
Give item:
- Rusty Dagger (500)
Obtain item:
- Tilefish (10)

- Golden Backpack
- Golden Dagger
- Golden Coelacanth

Quest requirements
Level = 11
Time period: 2016/4/21-10:00, 2016/5/4-07:00


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