ID: 352/2
[Mystic] Black Stone Extraction
KR name: [미스틱] 블랙스톤 추출
icon Quest
Region: All
Types: Black Spirit
Level: 1
Mystic Exclusive

First quest in the chain:
icon - [Mystic] Desire for Power

End NPC:
icon - Granbill

– Description:
If you want to replace an already enhanced item with a new one, you can extract the Black Stones used to enhance the item.
※ The original item will be destroyed after the extraction.

1. Talk to a Blacksmith in any town.
2. Click Extraction.
3. Click Extract Black Stone.
4. Select the item that you want to extract the Black Stone from.
5. The Black Stone(s) you have used to enhance the item will be extracted from the item and returned to you.

This is the limit of this weapon...
The weapon has become obsolete.
To fight stronger enemies,
you will need better gear than this.
First, extract the power from the weapon you're using.
The extracted power can be used for your new weapon.

Extract! I said, extract!

Here are the Black Stones extracted from your equipment.
Any blacksmith can help you extract items from your gear.
And...this is a weapon from the Delphe Knights.
It's not the best, but it is useful.

Completion Target: Granbill
- See Blacksmith Granbill at the Delphe Knights Castle to extract Black Stone from the Basteer Gauntlet
Required actions:
Complete the action sequence.

- Ultimate Basteer Gauntlet
- Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Precision
- Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Precision
- Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Power
- Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame - Power

Quest requirements
Mystic Exclusive
Finished quest: icon - [Mystic] Desire for Power


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