ID: 338/6
[Dark Knight Awakening] Imperious Vediant - Combo
KR name: [다크나이트 각성] 교만의 베디안트 - 연계
icon Quest
Region: All
Category: Black Spirit
Type: Character quest
Level: 56

First quest in the chain:
icon - [Dark Knight Awakening] A Disturbing Dream
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - [Dark Knight Awakening] Strong Will
Next quest in the chain:
icon - [Dark Knight Awakening] Imperious Vediant - Practice

Start NPC:
icon - Faceless Vedir
End NPC:
icon - Faceless Vedir

- Description:
Perform a combo using simple vediant skills.

※ Perform Unveiled Dagger, then switch your weapon to vediant.
※ Main weapon combat mode > (Kick) > {StringTableBind(TextBind:Awakening_Mode)

The vediant not only brings out
the full potential of the spirits' power,
but it can condense and materialize energy at whim.
First, try using the skill I just taught you.

You've proven to be the most talented among all of us.
I'm sure this will be mere child's play for you.

Controlling your power is key.

Completion Target: Faceless Vedir
- Switch to vediant after using Unveiled Dagger
Required actions:
Complete the action sequence.

- Skill Points (5)
- Dark Knight Secret Book - Touch of Exploitation

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