ID: 3047/1
Pirates That Threaten Calpheon
KR name: 칼페온을 위협하는 해적
icon Quest
Group: Pirate Island Extermination
Region: Northern Calpheon
Types: Story
Level: 55

Next quest in the chain:
icon - Trina Marine Knights

Start NPC:
icon - Rubin
End NPC:
icon - Paso Anca

- Description:
According to Rubin the Herald, the Cox Pirates in the northern sea are getting stronger and threatening Calpheon. Meet Paso Anca, the naval commander at the Epheria Sentry Post, and hear more about it.

※ You have to be Lv.
53-55 to do well in this serial quest.
※ Since this quest requires you to go to an island, you need a boat or a friend with a boat.

I got some new information.
It's about the pirates.
A group of pirates called the Cox Pirates
are growing in the Kuit Islands north of here.
They're giving Calpheon's Trina Marine Knights
a hard time, I heard.
So? Isn't it interesting?
If you are interested, why don't you go see Paso Anca?
He's the Trina commander at Epheria Sentry Post.
He must be having trouble because of the pirates.

Paso Anca is at Epheria Sentry Post.
He commands the Trina Marine Knights.

Well, it's what people say,
but it's nothing to worry about.

Completion Target: Paso Anca
- Meet Paso Anca at Epheria Sentry Post
Required actions:
Get knowledge:
icon - Appearance of the Cox Pirates

- Contribution EXP 40

Quest requirements
Level = 53

Required to open quests
icon - Trina Marine Knights


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