ID: 3044/1
[Processing] Intensified Processing #1, Melted Gold Shards
KR name: [가공] 심화 # 1, 녹아내린 금 조각
icon Quest
Region: Northern Calpheon
Category: Production
Type: Character quest
Level: 1

Next quest in the chain:
icon - [Processing] Intensified Processing #2, Copper and Tin

Start NPC:
icon - Angela
End NPC:
icon - Angela

- Description:
Angela says she needs to test your skills and wants you to make Melted Gold Shards using Alluvial Gold collected from River Water. 1. Use an Empty Bottle at the river near Calpheon 2. Use Filtering on the Bottle of River Water. (※ There is a slight chance of getting Alluvial Gold while Filtering) 3. Gather 10 Alluvial Gold and melt with [Heating] 4. Make 2 Melted Gold Fragments ※ You must complete this quest by yourself.

Would you like to learn more about processing?
In fact, nothing's really difficult.
Processing is an endless battle with patience.
Patience itself is an experience, and experience is competence.
So why don't you start with Gold Shards?
Gathering gold from the river is an exciting task.
Thin well after scooping the river near Calpheon,
then melt Alluvial Gold to make Gold Shards.

Gold Shards aren't ready yet?
I'll give you a minute.

Ho! Nice.
You are qualified enough.

Completion Target: Angela
- Process Alluvial Gold into Melted Gold Shards
Required actions:
  1. Obtain item:
    - Melted Gold Shard (2)

- Contribution EXP (300)
- Recover 5 Energy
- Processing Skill Experience
- Gold Bar 1G
Amity (10): - Angela
Quest requirements
Finished quest: icon - [Processing] Looking for a Processing Expert..
Gathering: Apprentice 10
Processing: Apprentice 10
Not finished quest: icon - [Processing] Looking for a Processing Expert..
Not accepted quest: icon - [Processing] Looking for a Processing Expert..
Required to open quests
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Anonymous 24-05-2016 01:47
Don't waste your Alluvial Gold on this quest. Just buy or gather gold ore. It's cheaper and completes the quest all the same.
Spielkind 29-12-2016 09:03
I got easy gold from water happy.gif
Just claim 100-200bottles and go afk at the water in heidel, after 10-20min come back and filter it.
Anonymous 14-01-2017 06:18
You can just use Gold Ore. Cheaper on the markettongue.gif
Anonymous 20-01-2017 23:23
Gathering Alluvial gold is not a part of the objective.
The only thing the quest wants: is you to produce 2 gold shards.
So save up time and energy (or silver) and just smelt a couple of gold ores wink.gif

The chance of getting gold ores from non-specific's requires gathering level [Skilled 5].
Or use this map to find the gold ores.
Lomacas+++ 17-03-2023 23:08
Actually seems that you needs 5 Alluvial Gold only for 1 Melted Gold Shard (eventually more il you got luck, skill or both)

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