ID: 212/2
[Co-op] Illezra's Servant
KR name: [협동] 일레즈라의 하수인
icon Quest
Region: All
Category: Story
Type: Character quest
Level: 50

First quest in the chain:
icon - [Co-op] Fear at the Abandoned Iron Mine

Start NPC:
Black Spirit
End NPC:
Black Spirit

- Description:
Activate the Illezra's Servant Summon Scroll given to you by the Black Spirit and go to the targeted place. Summon Illezra's Servant and defeat him.
※ Recommended Level: Above 50 (Party play recommended)
(You can retry the quest by canceling and receiving it again. However, you must discard the Summon Scroll in order to receive a new quest.)

Something's been staring at us
for a while. I can sense it.
Amazingly deep and dark malice...
This is definitely a challenge for us!

Wherever it hides, you can find it.

Destroy anything that gets on our way!
You must be stronger to overcome all obstacles.

Completion Target: Black Spirit
- Defeat summoned Illezra's Servants
Required actions:
Kill monsters (1):
icon - Illezra's Servant

- EXP (522'857'940)
- Skill Points (3)
- Black Stone (Weapon)
- Black Stone (Armor)

Quest requirements
Level = 50
Finished quest: icon - [Co-op] Awakened Black Spirit
Finished quest: icon - [Co-op] Fear at the Abandoned Iron Mine
Don't have item: icon Illezra's Servant Summon Scroll
Have knowledge on: Altinova

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