ID: 2023/5
Wasted Pumpkins
icon Quest
Group: Alejandro Farm
Region: All
Category: Story
Type: Character quest
Level: 1

Start NPC:
icon - Alustin
End NPC:
icon - Alustin

- Description:
Alustin predicts that the origin of the troubles in Alejandro Farm are Shadow Servants. Investigate the Pumpkins from this farm.

I'm just here at Alejandro's request,
but a small problem grew into something hard to handle.
The Parasitic Bees are interrupting the beekeeping here,
and half of the kids around here started acting weird.
Even the pumpkins we saved are being wasted.
Using catalysts is only temporary. It doesn't last.
We're doing our best, but I'm worried about Alejandro.

Alejandro spent his whole life for this farm.
Facing something like this is enough to destroy him.

Shadow Servants are monsters, but they follow orders.
We have to find out who is behind this monster.
Since I have an old friend here, I'm going to ask him for advice.
We can't just sit here and watch, can we?
You should keep an eye on the situation in Heidel.
I'm sure there's a Shadow's Pawn hiding in Heidel.

Completion Target: Alustin
- Investigate Pumpkins at Alejandro Farm
Required actions:
Get knowledge:
icon - Pumpkins at Alejandro Farm

- Skill Point (1)
- Contribution EXP (80)
- HP Potion (Small)
- MP Potion (Small)

Quest requirements
Level = 100

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Anonymous 3-03-2016 00:00
Auf dem Dach über dem Questgeber ist der zu untersuchende Kürbishaufen, hinter dem Haus ist eine Treppe rauf!
Anonymous 5-02-2017 17:38
jop so ist es direkt über den npc


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Added by Finck (6-02-2017)