ID: 2005/9
Dwarf Connection
icon Quest
Group: Laborers and Mine Imps
Region: All
Category: Town
Type: Character quest
Level: 1

First quest in the chain:
icon - To the Quarry
Previous quest in the chain:
icon - Jemkas' Mining Bomb

Start NPC:
icon - Vype Stoner
End NPC:
icon - Joel

- Description:
Vype Stoner asked Heidel's Work Manager Joel to send some workers his way, but he hasn't heard from Joel since. He asked you to go to Heidel to meet Joel.

We still have hope.
Gold isn't everything.
Here we have something called humanity.
I believe it's my job to protect that.
But I have nothing to give you as a reward here.
Hmm... I'll introduce you to someone.
If you go back to the city, look for a guy named Joel.
I'm supposed to get some workers from him, but I haven't heard anything.
Even if he sends workers now, it's no use anyway.
Since I trust you,
you can have the Worker Contract I was supposed to get.

If you walk along the road to the Heidel until you reach the Demi River,
you'll see him right next to the Auction House.

What are you talking about?
Vype Stoner?
He's the one who didn't pick up the workers
we diligently prepared.
It must have been a misunderstanding. We don't send workers.
If you need workers, you have to come pick them up.
But anyway, since that's Vype Stoner's signature, I'll give you his workers.

Completion Target: Joel
- Meet Joel
Required actions:
Meet NPC: icon - Joel

- Contribution EXP (50)
- Ancient Iron Coin
- Lumbering Axe
- Contract: Naive Worker
- HP Potion (Small)
- MP Potion (Small)

Quest requirements
Level = 100

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