ID: 47129
Level: 99
<Armor Vendor>
Horoscope: Camel
sympathy Interest Level: 34 ~ 57
sympathy Favor: 32 ~ 37

Forest People (0/4)
Turasil's Legacy Adventure Journal I (0/4)
Thornwood Forest (0/4)
– Description:
Pentua, an armor vendor in the capital city of O'draxxia, used to be a soldier of Captain Ciri Cellua of the Verti Elite.

But on the way through Tunkuta, she was ambushed by Turos and fell in a coma for about a week. After waking up, Pentua was no longer able to return to the battlefield. For she'd often feel a migraine so fierce as if someone was squeezing her head, although she looked fine on the outside. She had no other choice but to leave her post at La O'delle, and become an armor vendor in the capital.

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