ID: 47123
Ciri Cellua
Level: 99
<Verti Elite Leader>
Horoscope: Wagon
sympathy Interest Level: 37 ~ 60
sympathy Favor: 21 ~ 29

Sea Fish Species (0/5)
History II (0/5)
Thornwood Forest (0/5)
– Description:
The Elite Captain of the Verti, the Turasil Priest Council, a direct subordinate organization of Queen Viorencia Odore.

One day, news that Sephir's elite of the Thornwood Watch had taken over the Thornwood Forest castle ruins reached O'draxxia. It certainly would've been a difficult task to have dealt with the crazed Fallen Ones, but with Arienne commanding the elite unit, Ciri understood how it might've happened. Viorencia ordered Ciri to find out why Sephir's Ahib were trying to take over the forest full of Fallen Ones, so she set up a post in La O'delle. Armed conflict with the Sephir had to be avoided as much as possible, and dealing with the Fallen Ones was not so easy. Still, she could not pour all of O'draxxia's resources to Thornwood Forest just to find out about the rebel plot. For that reason, Ciri is trying her best to get in touch with Opencilla, her close friend.

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