ID: 47120
Level: 99
<Audrite Missionary Priestess>
Horoscope: Giant
sympathy Interest Level: 30 ~ 33
sympathy Favor: 31 ~ 33

People of the Oasis (0/8)
History I (0/8)
O'dyllita Border (0/8)
– Description:
Nucamira, Missionary Priestess of Audraism, an organization directly under Queen Viorencia Odore's leadership.

In line with Josya's Commandments, and the Moon Treaty of Narcion from the Book of Thornwood, she separates the humans who are sent to Starry Midnight Port from various routes. Based on the judgment of the Azure Flame Brazier, the primal source of magic in the Arid Land O'dyllita, some humans are sent to O'draxxia, while others are sent to Thornwood Castle.

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