ID: 47119
Level: 99
<Stable Keeper>
Horoscope: Elephant
sympathy Interest Level: 29 ~ 54
sympathy Favor: 12 ~ 51

Theology II (0/5)
The Great Expedition I (0/5)
Audraism and the Thornwood Watch (0/5)
– Description:
A former captain of a large sailboat, Debelo became the Stable Keeper of Starry Midnight Port.

When he first arrived here, he felt the hairs rise up on the back of his neck. This was the O'dyllita Sea, a place he'd never been to, only read about in an old ship's log. Those tales of countless Human sacrifice thrown into these cold waters. To survive, he knew he had to submit. The Ahib Nucamira chose him to be a stable keeper. Could've been worse. Still, he worries that Arcipia, that foolish girl, and her constant chattering might rub the Ahib the wrong way.

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