ID: 47103
Benns Humba
Level: 99
<Lamute Gang>
Horoscope: Camel
sympathy Interest Level: 34 ~ 53
sympathy Favor: 32 ~ 37

The Golden Age of the Papus (0/4)
The Golden Age of the Otters (0/4)
Barterer (0/4)
– Description:
Lamute Gang member, Benns Humba.

Hailing from Arehaza, after the Lamute Gang had run aground close to Arehaza, Humba came to their aide and would later join their ranks. Having experience as a former First Mate, Benns Humba has access to products unavailable even to Crow's Nest Ravinia, and offers them for bargain for Sea Coins. His ultimate dream is to be as successful and famous as the Crow Merchants Guild.

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