ID: 47094
Benns Chasey
Level: 99
<Lamute Gang>
Horoscope: Elephant
sympathy Interest Level: 37 ~ 56
sympathy Favor: 22 ~ 28

Theology I (0/5)
History I (0/5)
Politics II (0/5)
– Description:
Epheria-born member of the Lamute Gang, Benns Chasey.

Known to be quite the mischief back in her day, she has grown to be a completely different person. Thanks to her speedy calculations, she has made herself a pivotal member of the Lamute Gang. She has currently taken up the position of treasurer in the Lamute Gang. Strangely enough, she does not need much sleep. Except for those occasions when she falls into deep slumber like hibernating animals during winter...

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