ID: 47070
Level: 99
<Talibahr Blacksmith>
Horoscope: Camel
sympathy Interest Level: 33 ~ 59
sympathy Favor: 35 ~ 38

O'dyllita Border Adventure Journal (0/4)
Bloodthirsty Warriors (0/4)
Sophistication I (0/4)
– Description:
Jortina, an Ahib of Sephir, is a Blacksmith of Talibahr.

She was once a deputy commander of Talibahr, but is now taking time off after being injured by the Turo's Second Chief Cartil Tankta, who suddenly charged into and attacked her. She dreams of a day when the head of Cartil Tankta, the one who rebelled against the will of the Grand Chief, would be hung over Tunkuta forest. She's determined to inflict her revenge with her own hands when the time comes.

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