ID: 47066
Level: 99
<Verti Archaeologist>
Horoscope: Giant
sympathy Interest Level: 26 ~ 58
sympathy Favor: 17 ~ 53

History II (0/8)
Node Manager (O'dyllita) (0/8)
Exploration I (0/8)
– Description:
Archaeologist of Verti, Turasil Priest Council, a direct subordinate organization of Queen Viorencia Odore.

Julacis is investigating the Azure Flame Brazier, believed to have never been extinguished since the days of the ancient kingdom of Orzeca from one thousand years ago and also believed to be the magic protecting O'dyllita from external disasters such as the Black Disaster and can be seen all over O'dyllita. Recently, after Sephir rebelled against Viorencia, La O'delle's Azure Flame Brazier surrounding Tunkuta suddenly went out, which was seen as a warning sign.

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