ID: 47062
Level: 99
<Guild Wharf Manager>
Horoscope: Elephant
sympathy Interest Level: 14 ~ 59
sympathy Favor: 30 ~ 45

O'dyllita Border Adventure Journal (0/5)
Sophistication I (0/5)
Conversation (0/5)
– Description:
Chikuro is a slave of Neltia, the wharf manager of Starry Midnight Port, and also the port's guild wharf manager.

On the day when Sephir, the Ahib queen whom Neltia serves, laid the royal decree that all human slaves are to be sent to Thornwood Castle as living sacrifice, Neltia instructed Chikuro in secret the following: First, become the guild wharf manager of Starry Midnight Port. The port was a place with no order or security, and thus no one would notice a slight change in the total number of slaves. Second, do not tell anyone that he was Neltia's slave. Third, protect himself in any circumstances. Thanks to Neltia, the Ahib who served Sephir, Chikuro would not be dragged to Thornwood Castle, but rather became the port's guild wharf manager. Even though the two pretend not to know each other at the port, Chikuro gets nervous and worries each time she is reprimanded for causing accidents.

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