ID: 47060
Level: 99
Horoscope: Black Dragon
sympathy Interest Level: 16 ~ 67
sympathy Favor: 16 ~ 55

Alchemy II (0/7)
O'dyllita Border (0/7)
Verti, the Turasil Priest Council (0/7)
– Description:
Arcipia of Starry Midnight Port. A slave of the Ahib, Nucamira.

She was originally a sailor of a sailboat owned by Debelo, but ended up all the way here after a shipwreck. When she opened her eyes, everything she had was gone and she was with the other crew members. The Ahib Nucamira then shackled her, declaring that the shackles would serve as her lifeline in this land. Arcipia had no choice. She was now stuck at the Starry Midnight Port. Her role was always the same. Nucamira didn't give her any work. It was as if she was simply forgotten. She is not allowed anywhere beyond the Starry Midnight Port. At times, she signals Debelo, trying to ask him where she is or what she should do, but he deliberately seems to ignore her.

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