ID: 47056
Level: 99
<Elionian Priestess>
Horoscope: Giant
sympathy Interest Level: 29 ~ 52
sympathy Favor: 11 ~ 60

O'dyllita Border (0/8)
Turasil's Legacy Adventure Journal I (0/8)
Ancient Ruins Guardians (0/8)
– Description:
Doslia, former priestess of the Calpheon church of Elion, was so certain that all of this was a terrible nightmare.

All she had done was give her signature to participate in the Elionian Church's pilgrimage, the Golden Road of Light. Yet when she opened her eyes, she found herself tied up at a port with the pungent stench of rotting meat filling her nostrils. Then a woman in clothing of unknown origin brought her to the front of Thornwood Castle and demanded Doslia to call forth her god for the sake of a woman and a baby, both soon to be offered up as sacrifice for some ritual...

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